After 6 years, the Warriors come out to play

Few NBA teams have frustrated their fan base more than the Golden State Warriors. Before this year, the Warriors had made the playoffs only once since 1994, and had gone 15 years without having a player on the all-star team. They were better remembered for off-the-court problems, like Latrell Sprewell choking coach PJ Carlesimo, than they were for on-the-court successes. The one exception was the 2007 Warriors team. In a performance that captured the nation’s attention, the 8th seeded Warriors upset the heavily favored top-seed Dallas Mavericks, becoming the first 8-seed to ever defeat a 1-seed in a seven game playoff series. The Warriors would fall in the next round, but the enduring image of the raucous home crowd would leave an imprint on NBA fans. Now, after 6 years, the Warriors are back.

So how fired up are Warriors fans by the chance to see playoff basketball? We can examine their buying habits to see if they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is. Here are the top teams in terms of how much fans are willing to spend to see their first round matchups.

NBA - Graph 1

No one can match the demand of the big-market NY Knicks and LA Lakers, but the Warriors come the closest, surpassing established competitors like the Heat and the Celtics. Outside of the two New York market teams (Knicks and Nets), no team has had a game with higher sales on StubHub during this post season than the Warriors.

While the Bay Area has just the Warriors, the New York and Los Angeles markets are interesting in how different their pairs of teams are. Both have a long-time favorite “established” team, (the Knicks and Lakers) and both have an up-and-coming, long-suffering team. (The Nets and Clippers) The disparity in their prior success has created a sort of “premium” vs. “value” dichotomy for playoff fans. The high demand follows the established Knicks and Lakers. For example, the Knicks and Nets have sold almost the same amount of tickets for their first two playoff games, but Knicks sales (in dollars) are almost 3 times as high as Nets sales because their tickets are selling for 3 times as much money. It’s a similar story in LA, where the Clippers have sold 3x as many tickets as the Lakers yet have nearly identical sales because the Lakers tickets are 3x more expensive. You can see the ticket volume differences below.

NBA_Graph 2

There are still more than 500 Warriors tickets left for tonight’s game, plus you can find tickets for all the NBA playoff match ups at StubHub!



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