I’mma let you finish Taylor, but Beyonce had one of the best tours of all time

When it comes to StubHub concert sales, there is one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest.  No one has dominated the concerts category like Taylor Swift.  Since StubHub’s inception, she’s generated 50% more sales than the next closest act (Springsteen) and sold almost twice as many tickets.  I asked my co-workers if they could guess who StubHub’s all-time leading concert act was and there was no hesitation.  They all said Taylor Swift.  One actually said “Taylor Alison Swift” (I’m concerned about him).

Fast forward to this year’s Super Bowl.  Beyonce is the featured singer for the halftime show and afterwards her 46-city, 3-continent world tour is announced.   The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour sparks enormous demand, with shows in Houston selling out in 4 minutes and Washington D.C. in under 60 seconds.  The entire 11-show UK tour was sold out within 10 minutes.  At least from the primary markets.  Sellers began posting listings on StubHub and people were soon buying Beyonce tickets in record numbers.  So has Beyonce stolen the throne of reigning queen of StubHub concerts from Taylor Swift?  Take a look at the numbers and decide.

Since I can’t share the exact sales numbers, I’m indexing the sales of each artist against the top selling artist in each chart below.  So the person in first place in each list will have a score of 100% and everyone else’s sales are shown as a fraction of the leader’s sales.

Most sales in one week:

Best Week

Quantity or quality? Beyonce’s one entry on the chart is the top slot. It easily surpasses Justin Bieber’s best week and any week Taylor Swift has ever had. But Taylor Swift dominates the rest of the chart.

Most sales in one month:

Best Month

Beyonce again. She edges out Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s two strong months to close out 2012. But how do we know Beyonce’s quick start isn’t just a flash in the pan? What about a year’s worth of sales?

Most sales in one year:


Ok, so admittedly it’s a little early to be rating how good a year Beyonce is having, but consider this – we’re only two full months into 2013 and she’s already got the 17th best year in StubHub concerts history. She’s still well behind Taylor Swift in 2012, 2011 and even 2009, but considering that Beyonce’s U.S. concerts don’t even start until July, she has plenty of time to pass those milestones. Taylor Swift of course isn’t resting on her laurels, and will begin her massive “Red” Tour that spans from March until September. In case you were wondering, Taylor Swift’s 2013 sales are roughly 70% of Beyonce’s this year and are good enough to place her at 33rd on the above “Best year ever” list.

So has the torch been passed to a new star? Or is Beyonce biding time before Taylor Swift mows her down? Check back again in mid-summer and we’ll let you know.

  • Tái Revell

    I am excited to these numbers fellow Stubber!

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