Notable “Home Court” Advantage Predictions

After an excruciatingly painful long three days of no basketball, the Madness finally picks back up again with the Sweet 16! This time we don’t even have to pretend like we’re working while the games are on! The first tipoff is at 7:15pm ET Thursday with four games that night and four on Friday. Find tickets to watch the games live on the StubHub 2013 NCAA  Tournament page.

Of course, there’s no home court advantage when it comes to the NCAA tournament…or is there? I asked fellow Stubber, Andy Sevastopoulos, to dive into some of StubHub’s buyer numbers to find out who he thinks will have the fan advantage for the upcoming games.

NCAA East Regional (Washington D.C.) – (4) Syracuse vs. (1) Indiana; (3) Marquette vs. (2) Miami


New-York based Syracuse has a lot more support in Washington than Indiana.  New York buyers outnumber Indiana buyers 6-1. 

Marquette (Wisconsin) and Miami see similar levels of out-of-state buying for the game.  

NCAA West Regional (Los Angeles) – (6) Arizona vs. (2) Ohio St.; (9) Wichita State vs. (13) LaSalle


Due to the proximity of Arizona and L.A., Arizona has a sizeable advantage.  Arizona buyers outnumber Ohio buyers by 7-1. Upset potential?

We’re not seeing large contingents from either Kansas (Wichita State) or Pennsylvania (LaSalle). 

NCAA South Regional (Dallas) – (1) Kansas vs. (4) Michigan; (3) Florida vs. (15) Florida Gulf Coast U


A lot of Kansas fans are willing to make the eight hour drive to Dallas.  Kansas buyers outnumber Michigan buyers 8-1 in this matchup.

Since both UF and FGCU are both from Florida, it’s hard to tell which school is being supported by Florida buyers.  

Also to note: of every single event ticket listed on StubHub (across all genres – sports, entertainment, etc.), the South Regional is leading all site–wide sales as of late last night. Site-wide runner-up is the Midwest Regional. 

NCAA Midwest Regional (Indianapolis) – (1) Louisville vs. (12) Oregon; (2) Duke vs. (3) Michigan State


This is where we think the home court advantage will be biggest.  Louisville is on the border of Kentucky and Indiana, two hours away from Indianapolis, so Kentucky fans are buying in big numbers.  In fact, more people have bought from Kentucky than from any other state, including Indiana!  In every other case, the state hosting the event had the most buyers by far.  Kentucky is bringing 125x more buyers than Oregon to their matchup.  It’s essentially a Louisville home game.

Michigan State has a similar advantage.  As Lansing is only four hours from Indianapolis, we are seeing a lot of Michigan buyers turning out as well.  Despite Duke’s name appeal, buyers from Michigan will outnumber buyers from North Carolina by 20-1.  This is another good shot at a small upset.

Thanks Andy. Now I have some inside info on where I’ll bet my mone…err wager my jelly beans with my friends. So it looks like Arizona might have a pretty big advantage against OSU from a fan stand point on Thursday. What do you think? Is it going to be upset city baby???


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