Playoffs in Full Effect


With the NBA and NHL Playoffs in full effect, the most exciting game in town depends on whom you ask, or where you find your data. You’ve come to the right place, because we’ve dug into the NBA and NHL ticket sales to take a look at how teams and cities are stacking up against each other.

While the NBA regularly dominates NHL ticket sales, this year’s playoffs are showing some remarkable trends. Major markets’ fans, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco (Bay area), are hitting the StubHub boards when it comes to ticket sales and demand (orders) for a chance to see the action on the hardwood and the ice.

Based on research conducted on ticket orders leading up to the first day of both the NBA and NHL Playoffs, some key trends have appeared in major markets and for both sports:

While the NBA has higher demand and sales in most major market cities including NYC and LA, surprisingly the people of Boston and Chicago are hitting the ice:

Tickets for Chicago Blackhawk games are soaring over the Bulls 3:1
Boston Bruins are outpacing ticket sales of the Celtics 2.5:1

In addition, StubHub found that Big Apple’s combined orders for their NBA teams are outselling Boston, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco teams combined.

As both the NBA and NHL playoffs advance, we’ve got the best inventory in all markets for all fans. Check out your favorite teams and find your seats here.

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Contributing author & data source is Andy Sevastopoulos, StubHub Analytics Manager

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