“Sell em on StubHub!”

As the weather heats up and you’re looking to get out of the house to hit the beach, make sure to take stock of the tickets you’ve purchased for summertime events. If you’re stuck with tickets to a game that won’t be as fun as a day spent at the shore, or a play that really can’t compare to an afternoon on the golf course, you might want to try selling those tickets on StubHub!

As the web’s largest and most trusted secondary ticketing marketplace, rest assured that you’ll have the benefit of accessing the world’s largest fan to fan ticket marketplace, giving you the best chance to get cash for your tickets. Even if you’ve never sold before, we have an easy and simple website that walks you through the simple steps to getting your tickets listed for sale.


Our “Fan Protect Guarantee” protects you from fraud, so you can sell worry free. Unlike other online marketplaces, we handle all the interactions for you. You can list fast and easy, anytime, anywhere with your phone via our mobile app!   We handle the detailed logistics, so you can sit back, relax and spend your time enjoying the summer. Our newest feature, the Ticket Mover makes it easy for you to download tickets from your favorite team sites to your desktop so you can easily access, share and sell your tickets.

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1) Simple Listing Process

This summer, don’t get stuck with tickets you bought months ago to a show you don’t even want to see. Sell ‘em on StubHub! StubHub’s easy to use selling tools help you get your tickets listed for sale quickly and securely. Listing your tickets takes less than five minutes, and all the information you need can be found on the ticket: What event(s) are the ticket(s) for? What seat(s) do you have and what kind of tickets are they (electronic or hard tickets).  Hard tickets are the traditional paper tickets that will have to be shipped while electronic tickets are usually in a PDF format, which makes them easy to upload onto StubHub.com for instant download.

2) How to Price

How much do you want to sell them for? When it comes to pricing your tickets, StubHub’s tools give you the critical information you need to price your listings competitively. We show you what price similar tickets are selling for, to give you a better idea of how the market values your tickets. Remember, it’s always important to continue to monitor the market prices for an event, as ticket prices can fluctuate day by day. Staying on top of current market values is the best way to become a successful seller!

Now that you’ve got the hang of it, here are a couple of helpful tips to help you sell on StubHub:

-> We always recommend pricing your tickets competitively right from the get go. Prices may fluctuate as the event approaches, so the sooner you post your tickets, the more potential buyers will see your listing.

-> Upload your PDFs when you make the listing so that they’re available for “Instant Download”. This allows your listing to stay live on the site longer, and makes it easier for buyers to receive the tickets. These added conveniences have historically made Instant Download listings much more attractive to buyers.

Let’s say you change your mind and still want to attend the game, or are just unsure of your plans and may still want to go see that show. With StubHub’s “My Account” page, as long as your tickets haven’t sold yet, you can always go back and edit your listings.

3. Mobile Selling

It’s summer time and you’re on the move. We know you don’t always have time to get to a computer to sell your tickets, so we’ve turbo-charged the StubHub mobile app to give you the ability to post and sell tickets straight from your iPhone or Android.

The StubHub app gives you the ability to list any ticket, anytime, anywhere. If you need to make a change to a listing, you can do that as well! Adjust prices, in-hand dates or delete, activate or deactivate a listing. You can do it all with just a few taps of your fingers.

The newest feature on the StubHub mobile app is the ability to scan a ticket’s bar code for integrated events. An integrated event means that StubHub’s system works with the venue to issue a new bar code for each digital ticket we sell on our site. Integration means greater security for buyers and sellers, and a seamless ticketing experience. Here’s a list of all our integrated partners  . To scan a bar code, all you need to do is take a picture with your phone’s camera through our app, and it’ll automatically read your ticket information. It’s as easy as point and shoot!


4. Listing Multiple Events

If you’re selling tickets for multiple events in the same seats at the same venue, like season tickets, you can save time by listing them all simultaneously. To do this, go to the  “what are you selling” page, search or browse for your desired event, and then select the check boxes for each date that you’d like to sell for. It saves time by copying the ticket information onto each listing, while still allowing you to adjust the prices for each event separately. You can always go back and edit the listings after the fact by visiting your “my account” page.

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