Summer Preview: Are you catching these hot summer concerts?

The live-music business is predicting a record-breaking summer, according to the Wall Street Journal. We took a look at cumulative sales of all artists’ concert dates between Memorial Day, May 26 and Labor Day, September 1, 2014 with tickets available on StubHub. With the young pop group taking the top spot overall, there are still plenty of veteran music artists that are holding their own and generating notable sales numbers. Summer is always a hot time for concerts, and this year is no different.   

*Top 10 Summer Artists:

1.         One Direction (26 dates)

2.         Beyoncé and Jay-Z (18 dates)

3.         Bruno Mars (43 dates)

4.         George Strait (3 dates)

5.         Katy Perry (45 dates)

6.         Luke Bryan (29 dates)

7.         Paul McCartney (19 dates)

8.         Justin Timberlake (19 dates)

9.         Billy Joel (10 dates)

10.       Eminem (8 dates)

Top 3 Individual Events of the Summer:

1. George Strait, June 7 at AT&T Stadium

2. One Direction, August 4 at MetLife Stadium

3. Paul McCartney, August 14 at Candlestick Park

CHARGING STRAIT TO THE TOP:  George Strait’s show has sold more than 3x more tickets and 5x more in total sales for his farewell show than One Direction, who comes in a distant second with their August 4th date at MetLife Stadium.  Paul McCartney is a close third behind the teen heartthrobs.  

THE FAB FOUR SINGER WINS IN ONE DIRECTION BUT ONLY ONE:  With all their summer dates in consideration: while McCartney seems to have more fans buying, with almost 5% more tickets sold across his dates than One Direction, One Direction fans are ready to shell out more per ticket with nearly 3% higher ticket sales across all their dates than the Fab Four icon.

LOOKING AHEAD:  When we take full tours into account and dates that extend beyond Labor Day, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the hot ticket of the year based on all show dates – they’re StubHub’s #1 tour of the year as far as highest sales, nearly doubling the second tour, which is Paul McCartney.  

*Based on cumulative sales of all artists’ concert dates between Memorial Day, May 26 and Labor Day, September 1, 2014 with tickets available on StubHub.


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