Week In Review: World Cup, Garth and LeBron

As we look back at this post-Independence Day week – in which Germany obliterated Brazil and Argentina beat the Netherlands on penalties to bring the World Cup semifinals to a close – two big announcements in music and sports are creating a significant amount of anticipation for fans to look forward to in the upcoming months:

Before we get into the obvious with today’s big sports news, let’s take a look at yesterday’s announcement by Garth Brooks to return from retirement.  Billboard rightfully deemed him “arguably the biggest country star of the 1990s,” and now it’s looking like he is joining the world of digital music and also going to embark on his first real tour in North America in almost 14 years.  For the handful of dates that Brooks has had in the last few years – nine at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena in 2010 and one at the Calgary Stampede in 2012 during the event’s 100th Anniversary (StubHub didn’t sell tickets to his residency) – Brooks has been a hugely popular draw to StubHub and his Vegas residency over the last four years is likely to have earned him even more fans.  We are looking forward to seeing what these shows might offer when he dusts off his cowboy boots and hits the stage again!

From the country stage yesterday to the Cleveland court today, the buzz generated from today’s announcement that LeBron James will head back to the Cavaliers virtually speaks for itself.  ESPN says:  “When it comes to the Cavaliers, there’s no one better than LeBron James. He spent seven years with the team, and still ranks first in several major statistical categories.”  For ticket sales, a look back at how fans reacted to his move to the Heat four years ago might be able to give us further insight of how his popularity influences fans.  When LeBron went to Miami in 2010, Heat sales multiplied 8 times year over year (+700%) and have continued to increase every season since.  Now, what will this news do for Cleveland?  We will soon find out!

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