Week of July 21st Preview: Top 10 in Sports and Music

Each Monday we give a preview of the week ahead, which includes the top 10 events in sports and music based on page views for that coming week.  Here’s a glimpse at What’s Hot:

Top 10 Sports:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants July 26th, AT&T Park SF
  2. Arsenal FC at New York Red Bulls July 26th, Red Bull Arena NY
  3. St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs July 26th, Wrigley Field CHI
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants July 25th, AT&T Park SF
  5. Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants (Orange Sunglasses Giveaway) July 27th, AT&T Park SF
  6. Texas Rangers at New York Yankees (Derek Jeter Figurine Night) July 21st, Yankee Stadium NY
  7. St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs (Jack Brickhouse Bobblehead) July 25th, Wrigley Field CHI
  8. Manchester United vs LA Galaxy July 23rd, Rose Bowl LA
  9. Inter Milan vs Real Madrid CF (International Champions Cup) July 26th, Kabam Field at Memorial Stadium Berkeley
  10. AS Roma vs Liverpool FC July 23rd, Fenway Park BOS

Top 10 Concerts:

  1. Beyonce and Jay Z July 24th, Soldier Field CHI
  2. Beyonce and Jay Z July 22nd, AT&T Stadium ARLINGTON
  3. Jason Aldean July 26th, PNC Park PIT
  4. Billy Joel July 26th, Nationals Park WAS DC
  5. Katy Perry July 24th, Barclays Center NY
  6. Luke Bryan July 26th, Aarons Amphitheater ATL
  7. Jason Aldean July 25th, Nationals Park WAS DC
  8. Katy Perry July 25th, Barclays Center NY
  9. Katy Perry July 22nd, CONSOL EnergyCenter PIT
  10. Bruno Mars July 27th, Air Canada Center TOR

Baseball rivalries and soccer fever are highlights of this week’s sports list. One of the biggest – and sometimes underrated – rivalries in baseball is between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, which tops the list and all three games in the series make the top 10. After a hugely popular World Cup, four soccer friendlies make the list as well including a visit from Arsenal FC to Red Bull Stadium in New York.

Despite the rumors of a break-up looming, our favorite duo Beyonce and Jay Z top the Concert list again as they visit San Francisco tomorrow night and the windy city on Thursday. Katy Perry also makes the list three times with stops in New York, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

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  • Quan Ding

    I don’t understand the need for “Factualization”. Why do we need “uk.sh.head.title”? Why can we use “sh.head.title” and give it different values based on locale? Not familiar with js resouce bundling. I imagine it’s similar to how java resouce bundle works. In the “ticket.price.all” case, shouldn’t we have uk and us (or any other country) use the same “ticket.price.all” key with different values and have a separate key to hold the VAT string (would be empty for US locale)?

  • Chuck C

    I had this question when I first arrived. We use factualization to make “something more factual” in its locale. In practice, this means that we have messages with different meanings to be more “accurate” or “applicable” to the domain in this case.
    The reason we solve this with different keys is to have different messages actually translated. The use of locale information in the key makes it somewhat confusing, but provides a simple pattern that is easily applied on a per-domain basis.

  • Quan Ding

    Thanks for the clarification. so do we translate “ticket.price.all” for UK (or Germany, France)? If so, when do we ever use the UK translation of “ticket.price.all” if we are using “uk.ticket.price.all” instead.

  • Chuck C

    We translate both. if you go to the US site, you see the ticket.price.all message in your preferred language. If you go to the UK site, you get the uk.ticket.price.all message in your preferred language.

  • Quan Ding

    So it’s translated but not used? What does the UI code look like? It will have some code logic to check for the locale and decide whether to use “ticket.price.all” or “uk.ticket.price.all”? That kind of defeats the purpose of resource bundling which is that you don’t need to write locale specific UI code?

  • Chuck C

    The translation is used when needed. It doesn’t defeat the purpose of resource bundles – there are 2 different labels that are site specific, not locale specific. The locale semantics are still preserved and used correctly.

  • Quan Ding

    I hope you’re not mad at my endless question. :)
    I forgot about the i18n.get() part which will handle the locale test. I thought the UI code will have some if test on the locale and use different labels depending on the locale. That’s not the case.
    So this approach requires the parameters at the same position to have the same meaning for all locales? i.e. “{0}” in all locales mean price amount. You can’t have “uk.ticket.price.all=VAT{0} and Price in pound: {0}”

    I promise this is my last comment. :)

  • Chuck C

    Questions are a good thing :)

    Yes, for the most part, the arguments have to match but the two could support different numbers of arguments where extraneous arguments are ignored.

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