Recap of StubHub's First Annual Hackathon

Posted on 06/18/13

StubHub’s first ever hackathon was held on the weekend of May 17th. We had over 25 participants join us for...

The Toyota 5 Whys

Posted on 06/11/13

I was reading the book “The Lean Startup” the other day and learned about this problem solving technique called “the...

Writing Code that is Unit Test Friendly

Posted on 06/10/13

Unit test code is probably just as important as the production code. Not only does it prove that your production...

Reintroducing StubHub Mobile Web

Posted on 03/27/13

StubHub Mobile Web is now live! Learn how we implemented this from Kevin Guo, UI Developer at StubHub.

StubHub at SXSW Interactive: Austin Tech Talk Live

Posted on 03/14/13

StubHub’s head of social, Richard Brewer-Hay, sat down with Brian Zisk of Austin Tech Talk during the SXSW Interactive conference...

StubHub opens new office in Boston

Posted on 03/05/13

StubHub and PayPal held an open house and ribbon cutting event at their brand new office in Boston, MA.

Meet the StubHub Interns (aka our First Round Draft Picks)

Posted on 01/22/13

Meet the StubHub Interns and find out how to be a part of future intern programs at the company.

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