Keep an eye out for a StubHub Food Truck near you!

Posted on 06/06/13

Keep an eye out this summer

StubHub’s food trucks are pulling up to this summer’s hottest games and concerts, ready to...

StubHub Center News

Posted on 05/31/13

StubHub begins transition as new naming rights partner to the home of  the MLS Champions LA GALAXY & CHIVAS USA.


LA Galaxy Fan of the Match!

Posted on 05/30/13

The recently renamed StubHub Center is the new home of the LA Galaxy, and we invite you to stand up...

The Anatomy of a Comeback

Posted on 05/29/13

Anatomy of a comeback, from a ticket buyer’s perspective.

Playoffs in Full Effect

Posted on 05/03/13

With the NBA and NHL Playoffs in full effect, the most exciting game in town depends on whom you ask,...

After 6 years, the Warriors come out to play

Posted on 04/26/13

After 6 years, the Warriors come out to play. Read Andy S. breakdown of how the Warriors & their...

San Francisco's Luckiest and Unluckiest Giants Fans

Posted on 04/22/13

We all know how we feel about our favorite teams. But do you know how you may impact your teams...

The Voice Vs. American Idol

Posted on 04/19/13

Pop Report: The Voice and its Judges Crush American Idol in Ratings and Tour Ticket Sales

All Access Behind the Scenes: Girl in a Coma / SXSW 2013

Posted on 04/16/13

VIDEO: We got a behind the scenes interview with the winners of the Best Indie/Alternative Rock Album award in 2012,...

At the Masters with Peter Kostis

Posted on 04/12/13

Fans meet Peter Kostis at StubHub’s 19th Hole Hospitality House

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