NBA Playoffs Heat Up

Posted on 05/29/14

Let’s talk NBA. The Heat are the favorites, and it’s not just because they’ve won the last two consecutive NBA titles. They’re...

NHL's Top Draws Send Playoff Demand Through the Roof

Posted on 05/28/14

The Sports Business Journal recently published an article on how the NHL is cashing in on the 2014 Stanley Cup...

“Sell em on StubHub!”

Posted on 08/16/13

As the weather heats up and you’re looking to get out of the house to hit the beach, make sure...

Half-way in: MLB's 2013 top pitchers and the fans who flock to see them

Posted on 07/31/13

When baseball fans come out to the park, something has to be the main trigger for bringing them there. ...

Recap of StubHub's First Annual Hackathon

Posted on 06/18/13

StubHub’s first ever hackathon was held on the weekend of May 17th. We had over 25 participants join us for...

The Toyota 5 Whys

Posted on 06/11/13

I was reading the book “The Lean Startup” the other day and learned about this problem solving technique called “the...

Keep an eye out for a StubHub Food Truck near you!

Posted on 06/06/13

Keep an eye out this summer

StubHub’s food trucks are pulling up to this summer’s hottest games and concerts, ready to...

StubHub Center News

Posted on 05/31/13

StubHub begins transition as new naming rights partner to the home of  the MLS Champions LA GALAXY & CHIVAS USA.


LA Galaxy Fan of the Match!

Posted on 05/30/13

The recently renamed StubHub Center is the new home of the LA Galaxy, and we invite you to stand up...

The Anatomy of a Comeback

Posted on 05/29/13

Anatomy of a comeback, from a ticket buyer’s perspective.

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