Do the listed ticket prices differ from face value?

Most likely, yes. Because sellers set their own prices, the price of tickets in a listing may be above or below the face value printed on the tickets. Keep in mind, to decide on prices, sellers consider their total cost of acquiring the tickets, like convenience fees, delivery charges, acquisition rights, and more.

When you buy tickets on StubHub, you may be paying more than face value or you may be paying less. Ultimately, supply and demand dictate successful sale prices. In the case of popular events, with many potential buyers and few sellers, demand will drive prices up. On the other hand, tickets for an event with many sellers and few buyers will often sell below face value.

It is the seller’s responsibility to abide by the StubHub User Agreement and list tickets in accordance with all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws, statutes, and regulations. Remember, sellers set their own prices, and we don’t control pricing.

If you’re concerned about paying more than face value for tickets, be sure to check the event’s ticket prices with the venue before placing your order. When comparing prices, keep in mind the event’s popularity and ticket availability, as well as the various expenses sellers might incur to obtain the tickets.

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