How and when will I get my tickets?

When you order tickets on StubHub, we’ll let you know how and when you’ll get them before you place your order. We’ll also send you an email with specific delivery or pickup information about your tickets.

How and when you’ll get your tickets depends on the type of tickets your ordered and when the seller expects to deliver them.

Express shipping
Once you place an order, you can view its status in ‘My Account’, Under ‘Going to events’, click ‘Orders’ to see all of your recent orders and their statuses.

If the estimated delivery date has passed
Don’t worry if the estimated delivery date has passed. Keep in mind, the estimated delivery we provided before you placed your order was just that, an estimate. For tickets being shipped, use the shipping providers tracking system for the most accurate and up-to-date delivery information.

If your tickets haven’t arrived
Although this is rare, if your tickets don’t arrive by the expected delivery date, please contact us immediately – and within 3 days of the event. Have your order number ready and we’ll help you locate your tickets.

Electronic delivery

There are two types of electronic delivery methods:

Electronic delivery – With electronic delivery, the seller must first upload your tickets before you can receive them electronically.

Important: Be sure to check the estimated delivery date for your tickets before you order them. Sellers who have tickets in their possession need to deliver them within 48 hours. In some cases, sellers don’t have the tickets in their possession yet and will provide an ‘Estimated Delivery Date’ (the date they expect to send them). As soon as your tickets are ready, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to download and print them.

Instant Download – If the seller makes the tickets available for Instant Download, you’ll get your tickets within minutes of placing your order.

LMS Center pickup
With Last Minute Services (LMS), you’ll pick up your tickets at a StubHub LMS Center usually located just a short distance from the venue before the event. We’ll give you the exact pickup info and time before you place your order.

Checking your order in your StubHub account
You can check the status of all your orders on the ‘Orders’ page in My Account under the ‘Going to events’ section.

If your tickets haven’t arrived
In the rare case that your tickets haven’t arrived by the estimated delivery date, please contact us within 3 days – better yet, right away – with your order number and we’ll help you locate your tickets.

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