StubHub All Access Contributed Content Guidelines


  1. Unless a topic has been previously determined, choose a compelling topic or story idea.
  2. Gather complementary assets such as videos and images to support your post.
  3. Instruct the date and exact time of publish for post. For example, Tuesday November 15 at 9:00am Pacific. Note if copy material coincides with launches or important announcements.


  1. Keep tone of voice conversational and light, you are talking to people directly.
  2. If possible, lead with an image or video asset. It’s the initial hook that pulls readers further into your post. Be sure that images included in the post are high resolution.
  3. If support pieces exist for your post – other web pages or documents – be sure to provide links to those pages or the documents themselves.
  4. Keep word count to 500 characters maximum.
  5. Break up post to include images – products, subject matter or action shots — in between paragraphs.
  6. Before the post is published, review the post to ensure the accuracy of language, links and assets.


  1. Follow up with blog readers by responding to comments or questions left on the post.
  2. If any changes need to be made to the post, please contact the site administrator.

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